Observing the tongue is a very important part of TCM Diagnosis. During tongue diagnosis, the acupuncturist looks for any ulcerations or lacerations. The color of the tongue can reveal the strength of ones health. Coating can be caused by an imbalance in the digestive or immune system. Different areas of the tongue represent different area of the body, similarly to the ear.

This is the same chart your acupuncturist will use at the consultation. Depending on where you experience sesitivity in the ear, the acupuncturist is able to identity problem areas.

Traditional Chinese Ear Diagnosis

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Above: Acupuncturist Tian Wu feels for a patients pulse.

Left: This is a Traditional Chinese Medicine tongue chart, depicting correlating organ areas. 

At Tian Chao Herbs and Acupuncture, we feel it is important to listen to our patients and take their symptoms seriously. In holisitc healing, every aspect of your health is important, and all the symptoms you experience, no matter how minor, will be taken into consideration when you are treated.

This is why an initial consultation is required prior to any treatment or herbal medicine. 

The initial consultation is a 30-45 minute appointment including:

* Traditional Chinese Diagnosis methods (tongue, pulse, and ear)

* Stress/Adrenal Gland Function testing

* pH toxicity tests

* BMI 

* Diet analysis and recommendations

* and full health screening

Once these tests have been completed, an acupuncturist can make a treatment/herbal medicine recommendation.

If you would like to continue with treatment, we will send you home with paperwork to be completed before your first acupuncture appointment. (Please note: Inital Consultation and 1st treatment are 2 seperate appointments)

Initial Consultation

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, pulse reveals more then just heart rate. Pulse diagnosis can give very detailed information on the state of internal organs and the complexity of every part of our body.

The pulse is taken on the radial artery, which is divided into three sections on each wrist and is detected at 3 different levels: supericial (pressing lightly), middle (pressing a little deeper), and deep. The superficial level comprises emotional, exterior, and meridian activity. The middle level shows organic or metabolic activity, and the deep level shows the innermost activity in the body.

Traditional Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

Traditional Chinese Tongue Diagnosis

Just like foot reflexology, the ear also has many points that correlate to different areas of the body. During your consultation, the acupuncturist is able to identify problem areas based on any sensivity during the ear. Using the chart above, the acupuncturist takes a sterile, rounded metal tool (similar to a q-tip) and begins "scraping", searching for sensitive areas on the ear. The acupuncturist is also able to identify problem areas based on any bumps, veins, or acne in the earlobe.