The body is a smaller part of its outside world, much like a cell in the body. The body is influenced by enviornmental and seasonal factors. Disharmony within the body can be treated by determining the underlying cause of complaint, such as a specific organ. Chinese herbs are used to treat disharmony created by internal and external factors and has been used for over 5,000 years.

Traditionally, Chinese herbalists would send their clients home with raw bulk herbs to cook and prepare. Today, we offer our herbal medicine in pill and granule (powder) form for easy consumption. Granule herbs are added to warm water and taken as a tea. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine seeks to solve the underlying root of the problem, rather than manage symptoms. Western medicine cures symptoms once they have appeared, where as TCM seeks to prevent these problems before they have arised.

The Chinese perceive health as harmony within the body. The body is made up of various parts (cells, tissue, organs, mind) which all have a set purpose but are all dependent upon each other. Energy flows within the body, the Chinese call this energy Qi, and it is essential to the body's function.

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