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Tian Wu, an acclaimed acupuncturist and herbalist, partnered with her long

time friend, patient, and business entrepreneur, Evette Tsang, to found

Shine Wellness Inc. in 2012 with a vision to introduce the benefits of holistic,

self-wellness concepts, and practical tools to enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Tian and Evette share a passion for time-honored Chinese self-wellness

concepts and practices. With a well-trained eye, they develop tools that

can easily be integrated into busy lifestyles. All products are based on

principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure, and reflexology. All products under the Shine brand are customized for American consumers by carefully chosen manufacturers. Since its first product line debut in 2014, consumers from over 37 states have benefited from these holistic, Chinese inspired, self-wellness products.


Visit www.ShineWellnessInc.com to shop our Chinese inspired self-wellness product line!