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"I highly recommend Tian Chao Herbs and Acupuncture. Acupuncture is an incredibly effective way of supporting health and wellness. I began acupuncture and herbal treatments 13 years ago, at the recommendation of a colleague who knew that I was suffering from chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, and immune system dysfunction. I had been to many doctors and tried various drugs and treatments but was not improving. Acupuncture was the first treatment that helped my body to heal. I have been seeing Tian since 2012, when I moved to the Sacramento area. Tian is a highly skilled acupuncturist and herbalist. She is so knowledgeable about her craft and takes a highly individualized approach, taking the time to understand the issues specific to your body and mind so that you can heal. I have had nothing but positive experiences with her and her staff. After seeing her on a regular basis, my body became much stronger, and my issues of hormonal imbalance and poor immunity resolved. She used her treatments to support me throughout my first (very healthy!) pregnancy at age 38--and we are now working on preparing my body to hopefully have a second pregnancy. She is simply the best! If you are looking for an acupuncturist or alternative-style healer to help you with specific health problems, or just to promote your general health and well-being, I highly recommend that you make an appointment." - MA February 1, 2018

"As a nationally ranked U.S. fencer who competes nationally and internationally year-round, it is important to keep my body healthy and prepared for quick movements and long hours. Fencing is like physical chess. Often one thinks several moves ahead of an opponent to win the game. Tian Wu's acupuncture sessions have been part of my training ritual for years now. From treating strained muscles to rigid tendons, acupuncture has helped me remain competitive and stay on top of my game and pain-free." - Rhonda Z. January 31st, 2018

"If I had only known that acupuncture would help me. I suffer from bronchial infection at less 3 to 4 times a year, taking antibiotics after awhile calling my doctor and prescribing me antibiotics and inhalers at the pharmacy and if it gets too bad I come in for an respiratory treatment. This didn't stop there I stay in bed for week at a time, with fever, cough and a feeling that my chest was caving in, very painful. I started feeling this way when I was about 30 years old. I am in my 60's now. I heard about acupuncture but not sure about trying it. I found out about acupuncture through a friend recommendation, that she feels great. Explain to me that the Acupuncturists that she goes to are very knowledgeable. I started about two years ago in 2016, taking that step, what do I have to lose didn't want to take any more antibiotics. I can go traveling without the fear of my bronchial flaring up. At first I was going twice a week, and still at the present, at least once a week. I wanted to thanks Dr Tian Chao for saving me, if you only knew what I went through the years with this bronchial infection. Now I can say I am a believer of acupuncture. Also I wanted to thanks JoAnn, on helping me with any questions and scheduling time for my treatment. Happy and Feeling Free!" - Norma 2018

"My first experience with Tian’s foot bath herbs was very intense and beautiful. I was soaking my feet in the small beautiful tub that comes together with the herbs. The first minutes were extremely pleasant, like somebody was gently massaging my feet. It was so relaxing. My feet felt like two dry dead tree branches slowly starting to open up where the water was touching them, like I was slowly starting to grow roots. It was an amazing sensation - feeling like my feet were somehow alive. The next day I went back and bought two more packages and sent them to my dear friend in Florida. I am already on my second package of foot bath and I have no intention of stopping my daily evening ritual. 
I want to mention that I am a cancer patient, and besides the foot bath herbs, Tian has helped me with other herbal blends and acupuncture treatment. Because of my conditions, my body constantly feels imbalanced. Session after session I feel my energy level increase. All of her herbs are amazing. I also have acute pancreatitis and because of this I also suffer from digestive issues. She gave me some powdered herbs that I mix with water and drink as a tea. The herbs are bitter but I actually enjoy the taste and can hardly wait to drink the tea before my meals. I call the herbs "liquid gold" because I feel like I am drinking pure gold energy.
Tian is truly amazing. I grew up in a European country and saw other acupuncturists, so I know when I am being treated by someone knowledgeable. I totally trust her and I am so grateful to the Universe for meeting her. Thank you Tian from the bottom of my heart." - Dina G. 2018

"I started seeing Tian for depression, anger, and anxiety resulting from post-menopause hormone imbalance which progressively worsened over 2-3 years. I was prescribed anti-depressants, anti-axiety meds, and estorgen supplements. I became withdrawn, my mood was flat and I experience no joy in life. Ken Kowalaski, my chiropractor, suggested Tian Chao could help me. I noticed some results after only 2 treatments. After 3 treatments, I was no longer crying on a daily basis or having destructive thoughts. I'm laughing and finding joy in daily life again. My husband says he got back the woman he married! Tian Chao has given me my life back -- I am so thankful." TR - Jan 2016

"My name is Rosemarie. I have been a patient of Dr. Wu's for over 10 years. During this time I have found her to be a master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I highly trust her prescribed herbs and treatments. I always come away from my treatment feeling much better, especially if it involves moxa. The same can be said for cupping and scraping which always results in me feeling lighter and healing faster. She has provided me with healing herbs and is always willing to discuss should I have any questions or concerns. Recently, she prescribed me with a consistent regiment of foot soaks using the wooden basin. This has helped me to sleep better, walk better, and improve my energy level. I stand behind this treatment as I have chronic foot and leg pain, aching and limited movement. It helped eliminate the pain and strengthen my muscles very quickly. At one point I had elevated muscle enzymes which descended but always above the normal scale. Since I have been doing the foot soak herbs my readings have been within the normal zone, which hasnt been there in over 3 years. I highly recommend Dr. Wu. Along with her highly skilled professional and caring staff, I will continue to be a patient and a advocate of Tian Chao Herbs and Acupuncture." RR

"I initially started acupuncture treatments at Tian Chao Herbs in June 2008 for chronic pain, which cleared after my first two visits. I then became a loyal and regular client. In March 2008 I tried acupuncture for the seasons. After the first session, I noticed a quality of connectedness between my inner and outer world. I have since continued with acupuncture for the seasons and am experiencing that I no longer get colds and flus and that my seasonal allergies which I have had since I was 12 years old may start to effect me, but then the symptoms just disappear. I've always been very sensitive to any temperature change in the environment. Since receiving acupuncture with the seasons, I've found that I'm now much more adaptable to temperature changes and no longer shun air-conditioned environments. Lastly, I love becoming aware of my place in nature and how I can live healthy by being in harmony with the seasons." -LB, retired R.N.

"I first came to the office in April 2013. I was in a motor vehicle accident, the air bags deployed and traumatized my chest causing pain at a 9/10 level. I am a physical therapist myself. I tried to treat myself with VS and ES which only burned and increased my pain. I heard about the clinic from a nurse at Sutter Hospital, Tian had taken a class there. On day one I begged for a Rx. My pain was a 9/10. The next day it was a 4/10, since then my pain has greatly decreased, I only feel it when I lift weights and then only slightly. Acupuncture has also improved my bowel movements and my migraines and I wasn't even coming for those!" - CL

"I've been at the clinic since September 2010. I came in with chronic bladder infections, chronic back pain, anxiety, and several years of epilepsy. I was seen by neurologists, physical therapists, and spinal specialists but found only frustration. I heard about the clinic at a Polynesian Festival. I no longer take any medications, I used to take antibiotics, seizure medications, and pain medications. I only take Chinese herbs now as needed." - LM

"I've been receiving care at Tian Chao Herbs since February 2010 and I have had excellent results from both Tian and Claire*. After treatments I have been able to work better and participate in more physical activities, including gardening and lifting without aggravating my neck and back pain." - DC

* Claire is no longer an acupuncturists at the clinic, 2011.

"I have been coming to this office for several years to get herbs for my diabetes. Tian told me I would see changes in a few weeks. Actually, after the first treatment I saw 70% change in my pain. It's unbelievable!" - LW

"I had swelling in my legs, ankles, and feet three days prior to my visit and it went down by the second treatment of acupuncture. I've had awesome results and will continue to come. I feel more energetic, my body feels lighter, and the swelling went down fast." - TL

"I've been receiving treatment from Tian since 2008. Acupuncture has made me healthier and pain free. I used to feel like I was walking on nails and now the discomfort is gone. In addition, I used to get sick, catch a cold and be in bed for a week, and now those days are gone." - SV

"I was healing from Bells Palsy and the left side of my face was paralyzed. I also started having severe vertigo. My results with the treatments have been excellent! My face has regained movement. I feel better and haven't had any difficulty with vertigo for months. I am really happy with my results I gained with Tian. Thank you!" - CC

"Within the first five minutes of meeting Tian, she was telling me what my symptoms were and she was right on. She totally knew the condition and what was needed to turn it around. She was very direct and confident, amazingly knowledgeable. I knew immediately I had found my doctor, one who would see me back to health. I have not been disappointed in the results in the past three months." - BB

"My allergy symptoms were reduced about 75%, hot flashes have disappeared, carpel tunnel 75% better, I've slept better then I ever have in 30 years just after 2 weeks of treatment! I am extremely grateful and confident I will get 100% improvement in all areas." - FH

"I was experiencing "pins and needles" in both hands. On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, my pain was an 11. After 2 weeks I was experiencing relief and now I am starting my 5th week, my pain is a 1 or 2. My digestive system seems to be working better and I am experiencing a higher level of energy. If all this happened in 5 weeks, I can't wait until the 12th week." - CT

"Awesome results, I can run again, cycle again, range of motion is coming back and I don't have much pain at all. In fact, it's nearly gone after three weeks of treatment." - SC

"I first came in September 2009. In just one and a half months, my symptoms improved greatly! Just after the first treatment of acupuncture my symptoms began subsiding. I have more strength, no more chest pain, clearer concentration, and I feel like my energy is being regained with consistent treatment. My spirits are more upbeat and I feel like I'm taking control of the condition, instead of it taking control of me!" - CO

"I have been coming for 5 years. I've been to a regular MD and OBGYN for my cyst. They are now gone with no surgery!" -JS

"I find acupuncture to be my most successful modality of treatment. My head hurts less, getting more energy to walk again for exercise, better attitude since I feel less ill. I have stopped drinking soda, feel like eating healthier. I have a lot of hope for full restoration of my health." - HL

"My results have been fabulous! After the first treatment the swelling has significantly improved as well as reduction in pain. I will be going back for more treatments. I am feeling great and have lost 33 pounds. Hurray for Tian!" - NM

"I have had seasonal allergies, repeat infections, and excessively dry eyes for a year or more. My results have been GREAT! My main complaints are gone right now. I am starting to work on some minor ones. So far I have had no seasonal allergies, no infections, my energy and complexion are better and my eyes are less dry." - MM

"I have been a client since September 2009. I have multiple sclerosis and have had wonderful results with my treatments. My legs and feet stopped shaking after the first treatment. She has made me feel so much better with my MS, I can feel my body getting weak when I go a week or more without treatment. Tian has really helped me and I thank God for my blessing. I love you Tian." - LF

"Tian is an excellent healer. She has nurtured me back to health. I have regained the confidence that I am in control of my body. I now have a holistic outlook on life, in harmony with our environment. I finally realize the power and wisdom of Chinese Medicine. It's a wonderful supplement and alternative of western medicine. Thank you Tian." - ET

"I have been a patient of Tian's for about ten years. During that time she has treated me for many ailments and weaknesses. Over that time, in various treatments, she has restored my sexual vitality (I am a senior), speeded my post-operative rehabilitation, eliminated my anxiety and dizziness, erased my insomnia, drastically lowered my blood pressure, normalized my cholesterol, and others that I cannot recall at the moment. She is our "regular" doctor. My wife and I go to her before even considering any other healthcare modality." - BW

"I get migraines that began when I was a child. I have not been able to figure out my migraines until now. I feel good. I think acupuncture helps a lot." - SB

"For years I suffered with seasonal allergies and asthma. With time, my seasonal allergies became full-time allergies and asthma soon followed. Finally, after several years of chronic coughing and difficulty breathing, after trying every perscription medicine with little relief and many unpleasant side effects, I turned to Tian Wu, Claire Shi, and the team at Tian Chao Herbs and Acupuncture. After just a few treatments I was feeling some relief. Within a few weeks I was considerably better. Now, several months in to my treatment plan, I am symptom (and just as exciting) side effect free. In addition to relief from my allergy symptoms, I've also experienced better digestion, more regular and less painful menstration, and less overall stress. Tian and Claire were even able to help me through a particularly nasty case of poison oak. Given all of that, the feeling I am most thankful for is for the feeling of being well. I did not realize how much physical and emotional strain the coughing, wheezing, and breathing difficulties caused. There is no feeling better than feeling well, with no found energy and happiness. Tian and Claire, I can not thank you enough for your wisdom and support. I would encourage anyone thinking of acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicine therapies to consider treatment in your capable and caring hands." - SM

'We brought our 8 year old son Jack here to Tian Chao in November 2010. Our son was diagnosed with ADHD in 2010 but started showing signs when he was a toddler. His condition was severe enough to seek treatment. We researched online about acupuncture and ADHD. Tian was one of the acupuncturists we talked with and she instantly connected with Jack. We have been extremely pleased with Jack's results. Jack in many ways is a completely different child. He is more emotionally stable, calmer, able to sit and concentrate for a longer period of time, adjusts to change better for fewer outbursts, can sit through meals, sleeps better, and has a better appetite. At school he is getting better scores, getting good reports on his behavior plan, and focusing better during class time. He has done this without losing his personality, which was something we feared would happen if we put him on medication. Our home life has changed for the better. Tian was right when she told us to be patient because it wasn't an overnight fix. However we knew we were working on healing Jack, not just dealing with the symptoms. So we committed ourselves to the treatment. It has been worth it through to see our sons transformation." -TH

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